Dressage Judging

Sam is available for dressage judging and she is currently working on her British Dressage list four status.

Sam enjoys her judging as it gets her out where she can see the standards of horses and riders at the various levels throughout the nation. Sam recognises that it is a very important way of staying up-to date and finds it compliments her coaching and competitive riding.

Sam works hard to gain as much experience as possible in all aspects of the equestrian industry and boasts many different spears to her equestrian services. Dressage judging is a very good way to maintain and develop any rider’s true understanding of the horse’s way of going, the scales of training; and especially being able to relate to how the horse learns, the art of training and how to develop the horse’s natural attributes.

Sam ensures that she attends as many training and standard setting days as time allows and she is very ambitious to continue her pursuit in becoming a popular and respected judge. 

Sam York 035 bw