Jennie bought Hooch as a 4 year old and began having lessons with Sam to regain confidence…

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“I mainly hack and compete at local level dressage.  After a nasty fall about 3 years ago I lost my confidence and then Hooch developed a bone spavin and had to have time off then reduce his work load.  Upon recovery I started to have lessons with Sam and despite my lack of confidence she had the ability to make me believe in myself and Hooch again. Our dressage scores are improving steadily. I have had lessons with several trainers over the years but Sam is the one who consistently gets the best out of me and my horse.”

Jennie Griffiths is one of Sam’s clients.


Sam has taught Shari and has trained her in all 3 disciplines…

“Sam has been an amazing inspiration for me and has trained me in all 3 disciplines. Sam has helped me to plan the season and  has worked with me at events; course walking and warming up. Sam’s enthusiasm knows no bounds and she has passed this on helping me to build my self-confidence, and develop my rather ‘quirky’  but talented horse (Bella).

In 2011 my horse suffered an accident in the field injuring her hock, resulting in 2 operations. Once Bella was sound again Sam helped us with a fitness programme to gradually bring Bella back to competition fitness. Under Sam’s guidance we have continued to go from strength to strength and grow in confidence achieving 6th in the Under 18 Novice at Belton in 2013, and gaining selection for the Midlands Regional u18 Team at Weston International Horse Trials, where we successfully completed our first CCI*.

I am really looking forward to training with Sam for next season as we plan to move up to Intermediate and compete in young rider classes.

Sam understands what makes Bella and I tick and I have every confidence that she will get the very best out of us. It is a real pleasure to gain from Sam’s guidance and tuition.”

Shari is one of Sam’s clients

Sam started teaching Victoria when she was 11 years old with her first loan pony

“Sam made my lessons a lot of fun and I went from being able to keep a pony in either walk/trot or canter round an arena (no thoughts went to steering or reducing my Pony Club flap!) to attending, and being placed at the BRC National Championships as a junior. A few years later I was fortunate enough to claim the ride on an ex-racehorse that Sam had retrained for her owner. The horse had issues, but Sam trained her so well I was able to compete with the Quorn Pony Club at open level, and again attend and place at the BRC Championships, this time as a senior.

After a few years break due to University I purchased 6 year old Oliver as a ‘potential’ competition horse. His record between 4-6 years old was terrible – he was nearly always last in prelim dressage, 20+ time or jumping pens XC, and a quite unbelievable 101 pens in one 90cm SJ round! I thought he could be good but knew I needed help and there was only one person I wanted to teach me, and that was Sam.

Sam has been amazing over the past 3 years and Oliver is completely transformed…

Our lessons are tailored specifically to what we are struggling with on the day, or around issues I have had in the week. Even if the plan is to jump, if I struggle in the flat work warm-up, Sam is flexible enough to spend the hour helping me on the flat instead so that we go home happy.  She understands how frustrating Oliver can be, and is able to get us to chill out, stop bickering and then work together to perform much better.

Sam is able to explain why I need to carry out specific exercises for Oliver, rather than just telling me to do them…

This has increased my understanding tremendously and makes me think more about how I influence him. At the start of the year we set an achievable goal for the end of the season and work out what needs to be done by when in order to achieve the goal. I think this is a great idea and really gives me direction. Oliver is now happily eventing at BE Novice and has notched up a couple of placings in the low teens! He tries his hardest not to knock a SJ pole and was Reserve Champion (Novice level) at the local equestrian centers winter dressage series last year.

Without Sam’s guidance I wouldn’t have achieved half of this, and I’m sure she will get a lot more out of us in the seasons to follow!”

Victoria Pashby is one of Sam’s clients

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