Sam has over 25 years experience in coaching riders at all levels of the equestrian spectrum. Additionally she has developed a passion for coach development and assisting in the advancement of up and coming coaches as well as the science and technology that assists the accelerated learning of equestrian athletes, both horses and riders.

International Professional Services

International Coaching world wide, Coach development workshops, seminars as well as conference presentations, lecture demos and equestrian consultation.

Private and competition coaching sessions

Sam’s coaching is a unique approach with a solid core of traditional values and techniques but enhanced by a thirst for evidence based research and technology being used to inform herself and her clients to a whole new level training horses and riders.

Sam’s “Coaching in the 21st Century”  approach is an inspiration to many developing coaches and she is currently in great demand to delivery her theories and methods world wide.

In contrast Sam’s day to day coaching couldn’t be more down to earth and very supportive for riders of all levels. Sam has a great empathy for novice and nervous riders, as well this includes private and competition coaching sessions for riders at all levels. Coaching sessions cover all aspects including rider fitness, diet and physiology, short and long term goal setting and planning, fitness programs and rehabilitation techniques.

Specialist coaching and cross country clinics

Sam offers a variety of coaching clinics including: clinics based around dressage, gymnastic grid work, show jump technical exercises, indoor cross country techniques and full outdoor cross country clinics.

One To One Sessions and Riding Cub Training

Sam offers various training sessions including one to one,  groups, riding clubs and pony club team training sessions. Sam has been heavily involved with competition riders and serious adult competitive combinations for over 18 years.

Senior Lecturer Specialist in Sports Horse Management and Coaching

Sam is a Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University in the Equestrian Science Department where she specialises in producing and training young professionals progressing into the equine industry at all levels. This academic expertise adds a holistic approach to her coaching; bringing so much more depth and understanding to modern technologies available. This approach not only benefits Sam’s students and clients but enhances her everyday coaching style and the production of her performance horses at Oakring.

Sam York Philosophies

Sam’s philosophy with coaching is always to try and install, produce and maintain sound foundations to both her riders and the horses. Sam spends time in building self-belief and confidence in her clients to ensure they follow their goals and dreams with realistic attitudes. Sam continuously emphasises attention to detail and is reflective of practice at all times to ensure clients and horses are striving to move forwards. Due to Sam’s modern approach embracing research and technologies she is becoming a leading practitioner in coach development and already current supports the work of the International group for equestrian coaching (IGEC) to help advice develop and standard set equestrian qualifications worldwide.

‘Success is a journey not a destination’

Among many quotes one of Sam’s favourites is “success is a journey not a destination”. And as much as Sam is an out and out competitor and is no stranger to winning, she  has matured to appreciate that “the doing is often more important than the outcome” (Arthur Ashe). Clients will hear these sorts of quotes often!


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