About Sam York FBHS

Miss Sam York FBHS

UKCC Level 3, and British Eventing Accredited Coach, Under 18 BE coach, a Nottinghamshire Education and Training Coordinator, Trustee for the British Horse Society and a Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, where Sam specialises in sport horse production and coaching.

Sam has selected, produced and ridden horses up to Advanced, three star level for eventing, and medium level dressage competitions. She is still currently looking out for the four star ride.

Sam has represented GB at the British Riding Club European Championships and has ridden on many national equestrian teams throughout her professional equestrian career.

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Sam has crafted a very successful coaching career. She was recently awarded the very prestigious Fellowship of the BHS award (February 2017).  This outstanding achievement demonstrates a long commitment to the equine industry and coaching expertise.  Following her CV being successfully accepted, Sam was invited to attend a gruelling two day examination process in front of a panel of experienced senior Fellows.  The examination was a long two days of back to back assessments including Sam’s ability to ride horses at a high level (PSG), demonstrate her coaching skills in various different situations including private advanced dressage, advanced show jumping, group clinic sessions. Sam had to present a lecture demonstration of which she did with the use of I pad slow Mo video to clarify clearer visual feedback of the horse’s and rider’s performance in view to jumping horses on either the straight more technical or longer options of cross country fences. this helped to pin point exactly when the horses actually saw the fence they were being asked to jump, and then she discussed what the rider can do to influence the horse’s ability to see and read the fence as soon as possible. The exam also included aspects such as coaching the coach, study group sessions, assessing performance and valuing of young and more advanced horses, vast range of theory on all aspects of the equestrian industry, as well as conduction classroom sessions and leading hot topic discussions and debates. 

It is also a great achievement that Sam was awarded this status on her first time of taking it, something that is not the norm. There are currently only 52 active Fellows of the BHS in the world, and only 82 that have ever been awarded this status since 1949. the list of fellows is interesting reading and contains some outstanding coaches such as Carl Hester MBE, Jennie Loriston-Clarke MBE, Yogi Breisner MBE, Captain Mark Phillips and Ian Stark OBE.

Sam is becoming a leading inspiration to the future of coaching and coach development as well as a leading practitioner in acceleration the learning process in equestrian athletes.

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